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Bump mapping using high res google earth as source

April 05 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

Dear Sir/ Madam,

If I wish to use the high resolution images in Google earth to create the "bumps" in my map, why steps do I need to do in order to extract the bump of the tree vegeagations that is shown in a high res GE image? For instance, I am attaching an image of the area which I want to do bump mapping. In GE, there is a high res image of this area which clearly shows the forests, cleared areas, etc etc. I plan to have this realism in my map. Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,


Mapping Center Answer:

For the bump map model, your inputs are a DEM and a one vegetation raster for each vegetation class.  Then you input the vegetation class parameters, e.g., the height and radius of the tree crown as well as the density of the vegetation.  An unclassified satellite or aerial image would have to be either classified or digitized into the vegetation class or classes you want to use as inputs to the bump map model.  With the image you attached, you could use either the image classification or digitization method to create your vegetation class rasters, but this work has to be done in advance of using the bump map model.

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