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Labeling on web maps

April 05 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Labeling

I apologize for not been clear. The tags that we want to use is for formatting text with tags. Is this better than regular labeling? Or I should use formatting text tags for very special situations. Thank you for all your help. Cheers

Mapping Center Answer:

Text formatting tags are great for:

  1. Changing the appearance of a portion of the text,
  2. Changing the arrangement of the paragraph (such as line leading), or
  3. Adding dynamic text

These can be used for any text in the ArcMap document where you specify a text string and a text symbol. The text string can be either typed in by you, or derived from tabular data.

In addition to text formatting tags, you can also use VBA scripts to enhance the appearance of your labels by doing such things as adding extra text or characters (e.g., quotation marks) to the label string, forcing line breaks to create "stacked text", or performing "on-the-fly" calculations.

However, the use of text formatting tags and VBA scripts does cause the labeling to take a bit longer.  If you need the text to draw quickly, there is a trade off.  For Web maps, if you are caching the maps, once the cache has been created, the labeling time is no longer an issue -- but it may increase the time it takes to create the cache.  If you are labeling on the fly, it might take a bit longer using the text formatting tags.  You could do an experiment to see if the particular map you are labeling takes significantly longer, as there is no way for us to tell you exactly how much longer it would take to label - there are too many variables to consider at once and each map is different.

Ultimately, the balance lies in the trade-off between longer drawing time and labels that look like you want them to. 

formatting text with tags posted by jorge ruiz-valdepena on Apr 5 2010 5:14PM
just what I was looking for.
thank you very much for all your help.

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