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April 07 2010 | 0 comments
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Hello Cartographer
where I can find files of abbreviations that I can load into my dictionaries

Mapping Center Answer:

You need to create them yourself. We could easily post some here on Mapping Center, so in the future, we will keep our eyes and ears open to start collecting these from our users or create some ourselves. Then at least you would have a starting point for making it work with your on map and map data.

However, there will never be one abbreviation table that works for all label classes. Recall that an abbreviation dictionary is applied to a label class. This is a good thing, because you might have different abbreviations for different uses of a word. For example, if I am labeling the townships in the section, township, range system of the U.S. Public Land Survey System, I would use "T" for "Township". But if I am labeling civil and other adminstrative units, I would use "Twp" instead. Likewise, for the USPLSS I would use "R" for "Range" but if I am labeling hypsographic ranges, I would instead use "Rs".

It isn't that hard to create an abbreviation dictionary if you already know what the abbreviations are that are used on the map. Often, for standard map series, the abbreviations are documented.  For example, here is a link to the abbreviations used on USGS topo quads. 

Using this, I was able to create a composite abbreviation dictionary for all the entries (attached) -- you would have to create subsets of this for each of the label classes, but that would be a pretty quick and easy task.

Here are some links to map abbreviations used on other common maps:

Often cities and other government agencies will have a standard set of map abbreviations that you can also use to create you abbreviation dictionaries.  As you create them, send them to us and we will be happy to share them with others!

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