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Layer to KML quality

April 09 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: 3D Mapping, Publishing

Using Layer to KML tool produces different results depending on the input raster. Orthophotos work great with high quality KML file placed into Google Earth. Rasters of topo quads on the other hand, result in a very coarse, virtually unreadable KML file in Google Earth. Changes to scale, and/or output image properties does not affect the results. Is this a problem with the fact that the quads are symbolized using a "color map" symbology rather than the RGB composite symbology of the orhtophotos. Looking for suggestions/work arounds to improve quality of the topo file KML so that it is useable in Google Earth.


Mapping Center Answer:

We were able to recreate the same issue here (poor resolution topos and a better output for orthophotos when exporting to KMZ). We tried exporting maps and layers to KML at varying scales, output image sizes and DPIs, and the result is always the same. Unfortunately, we are not quite sure what the underlying cause is so we will have to investigate this further.


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