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Create custom USNG Grid

April 22 2010 | 6 comments
Categories: Map Elements, Page Layout

How do I create a custom 100m USNG in my ArcMap document that has the correct labeling? I am attempting to make a USNG map at a 1:2,500 scale with a 100 m grid. The Reference System Selector has a US National Grid option, however it is for a 1000 meter grid which doesn't give enough information for the scale I'm tyring to produce. I'd like to make a custom 100m USNG grid that has the correct labeling at the 100m lines, I believe it is currently labeling the UTM coordinates. I would normally just create the grid and then label it manually, however I'm attempting to make a map book and editing each page is too time consuming.

Thanks for the help.

Mapping Center Answer:

At 9.x., using Grid Manager, you can modify MGRS grids from the Data Frame Properties dialog.

There is also a download that you can use to create a Military Grid Reference System and add it to your data frame.  This download has the Grid Manager in it and grid .xml templates for larger scales. There is a 100 m grid interval in this download.

At 10, we are providing as part of the core software a new geoprocessing tool called Make Grids and Graticules Layer along with grid definition templates for USNG grids at all the large scales, including the 100 m grid.

labeling the grid posted by Aaron Greiner on Apr 22 2010 1:38PM
This is helpful, but it doesn't solve my problem. I still cannot label the grid on the 100m graticules and have them automatically updated when creating a multi-page map book.
Some but not all options available posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 25 2010 4:08PM
Looking at the existing styles for MGRS grids, there are options for setting labeling, but I don't see anything about setting the spacing, although it might be built into the grid type. It would be great if we could do this without MPS-Atlas! If you think so, too, submit a request on the ArcGIS Ideas page to sponsor this enhancement request!
Any updates here? posted by Jennifer Morris on Dec 23 2011 7:30AM
I have the same question - labelling the 100m grid.
Still working on this posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 18 2012 12:36PM
We have not made progress on adding the ability to create an MGRS grid with a 100 meter interval in the data frame grid properties, and currently the only way to create an MGRS grid with a 100 meter interval is through the use of the Production Mapping tools. Can I suggest that you submit this on the ARcGIS Ideas page to help bring attention to the issue? Or if someone else has already posted the idea, please vote to support it!
Local Government Sample Data posted by Rick Carter on Mar 21 2014 9:41AM
The Local Government Sample Data includes a USNationalGrid layer but I'm not sure how they created it......
Existing data source posted by Aileen Buckley on Mar 24 2014 12:05PM
The grids came from an existing data source: Hope this helps!

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