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Is there a way to label a map's polygon with a picture stored in a PGDB?

April 27 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Labeling, Symbology

I am trying to make a political map showing photos of the elected officials. The photos are stored inside a PGDB as rasters. Can I somehow get those pictures to show using labelling instead of inserting them manually into the layout?

Mapping Center Answer:

We just posted an answer to this same sort of question here on Ask a Cartographer:

You will have to make sure that the picture files are in .emf or .bmp format but otherwise the solution described in the other answer should work just fine.

Clarification posted by James Landwehr on Apr 29 2010 7:26AM
The original question was getting at trying to easily use existing pictures stored inside a Personal Geodatabase to label a polygon. The workaround presented tells me that there is no way to label a polygon using these pictures. I'll suggest this as an enhancement on the support site.

I resorted to just inserting the pictures into the layout manually, next to the balloon labels, which worked fine. Thanks.

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