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Digital surface models

April 27 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

Can you direct us to a reference or outline as to techniques in ArcGIS for creating digital surface models?

Mapping Center Answer:

You do not mention what type of surface you are creating.  If it is a topographic surface, then I will assume you want to create a surface that is hydrologically corrent.  The Topo to Raster tool will allow you to create hydrologically correct digital elevation models (DEMs). It is the only ArcGIS interpolator specifically designed to work intelligently with contour inputs.

Other tools in the Interpolation toolset can be used to create other raster surfaces. Without more inforamtion about what type of ddata you plan to use as input and what type of surface you expect to create as output, it is hard for us to guide you to the best tool for your problem.

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