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Attribute Domain

April 28 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I am trying to edit an attribute table. I set up a domain for 2 attribute tables in my rapidcity database. The first is Domain name RestaurantType with a description of Type of Restaurant. Domain Properties: Short Integer, Coded Values, Split and merge are both default values. The code is 1 for Franchise and 2 is for Local. When I look in the properties for Restaurants, I added a field name of Type, data type is short integer. In the field properties, I have Alias: Type, Allow Null values: yes, Default Value:2, Domain: RestaurantType. In ArcMap, when I use the target layer as restaurants, I start editing so I can open up the attribute table. It is blank. What did I forget to do?

Mapping Center Answer:

I am not sure what you are doing wrong.  It sounds like you created the domain and set the coded values correctly.  You should be able to see your coded value descriptions in the Type field when you open the Restaurants attribute table, whether you are in an Edit session or not.

I think the best solution is to contact ESRI Technical Support.  You can now do that on the Ask a Cartographer page of our Mapping Center Web site.  Notice that we added two new tabs -- one is for Technical Support. You can use the links there to get to our Technical Support staff.

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