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April 29 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

I have two questions:

1. How do you add the "Topo to Raster" tool to ArcMap 9.2 software...please explain in steps.

2. Is there any method to install ArcGIS 9.2 version in Windows Vista Business?  If any patches or SP...pls attach with the answer.

help highlt appresiable.


Mapping Center Answer:

This is a specialized tool for creating hydrologically correct raster surfaces from vector data of terrain components. It isn't added to ArcMap, rather, the results can be added to ArcMap, but the tool is in ArcToolbox.

Open ArcMap and then open ArcToolbox. Expand the ArcToolbox and you will have a list of the Spatial Analyst Tools that are available to you. Expand the Spatial Analyst Tools, under the Interpolation list there is a Topo to Raster tool. Right click to open the tool and follow the instructions that you can ready about using Topo to Raster under the ArcGIS Desktop Help.

As far as installing the Applications under Windows Vista, make sure to have the Vista operating system updates and patches completed before installing ArcGIS. Service Patches are often available from the ESRI Support Site. You can see what is available by visiting


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