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When printing my map it becomes off-centered on the paper

April 30 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Page Layout


Actually, this map is not mine. It contains a neatline that is within the map boundaries. It also looks centered in the layout view. But when I print this map it becomes off-centered on the paper. I've never encountered this problem before. Can someone help me?


Mapping Center Answer:

Sounds like you need to go through and check at least two places for the page setup and make sure that the map you are trying to print is set up to print on the device of your choice.

So, try this: After you're familiar with the device parameters of your printer: Is it 24x36 landscape or something else? Make a note to yourself about it. Open up the map document in ArcMap, switch to layout view if you are not in it already, notice the rulers (are they there or not?) then under the File menu select Page and Print Setup. The Page and Print Setup dialogue window will appear.

There, go ahead and check for the Paper (size and orientation) as well as the Map Page Size. The size and orientations should match up, i.e. if the orientation is portrait in one, then the other should be portrait as well.

If all is good, then click OK and go back to the File menu to check Print Preview to make sure the map document appears correctly. If it doesn't appear the way you expect, then you'll have to dig a bit deeper into the settings under Page and Print Setup, click the Properties button, then the Layout tab and check the Orientation there, before you click the Advanced button and see the document settings as a list. If there is a point at which the size of the Map and print don't match you'll have to fix it by typing the information in or selecting from a drop down box. After everything is checked thoroughly by you, and you click OK to get out out of the dialogs, then the print should work.

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