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Point to Raster

May 04 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have an interesting issue with conversion of point to raster. Using the ArcToolbox > Conversion tools I select Point to Raster. The points are at a known lat/long of 0.05dd each way. I set my cell at 0.05 to match, and all appears to work ok. When I set a display to bilinear or cubic, the result is in the attached image.

If I convert points to raster using 3D Analyst > Natural Neighbours with 0.05dd I don't get this problem.

Any ideas anyone?

Mapping Center Answer:

The reason is that Natural Neighbors is using point interpoliation.  Bilinear and cubic are raster resampling/interpolation methods.  They are different processes for different kinds of data.

What you're seeing is effectively that you have too few points to sample from.  Try using a cell size of 0.25.

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