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Line Styles - Dashed Arrowhead

May 07 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations, Symbology

Is there a line style that has dashed arrows? I would like a dashed line with a arrowhead terminator at the end of the dash. The shapefile line segment is a long continuous line but I would like this style to show as short line segments each with an arrowhead terminator.

Attached is a JPG of a similar line I created in corel of what I am trying to accomplish in ArcMap.


Mapping Center Answer:

You can achieve this effect using cartographic representations. First, create a simple line.

Dashed arrowhead 1

Add a marker at end (rotated -90 degrees if tip of arrow is up).

Dashed arrowhead 2

And then the final touch: a dash as global effect. The initial line is broken into a dashed line, and the line+marker definition applies to each individual segment. Voila!

Dashed arrowhead 3

This is shown in the context of the marker editor, but the same would apply for any regular rule.

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