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Why are there two resource centers?

May 10 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

Why are there two resource centers - and I was think the was the newest one but it seems totally out of date and confusing.

Where are the templates (Base Map templates)?
If I go to:
>>>Mapping Center
>>>ArcGIS Resources
>>>Cartographic Data Modeling
and then if I click on Base Map Data brings me back to the ESRI Support page and all the downloads are from 2003 "Downloads from the basemap data model web page include: "

What's up are you trying to maintain 2 resources centers....the resource center site is not clean and the navigation is rank.

Mapping Center Answer:

We are in the middle of transitioning from to  We appreciate your patience while we complete this transition.  When the transition is complete, we will update the links on the ArcGIS Resources and Maps pages of Mapping Center. We will also update the hyperklinks on the Links tab of our Other Resources page. Again, thanks for your patience!

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