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Offset points and label

January 31 2008 | 2 comments
Categories: Labeling, Symbology

I have a feature class that shows a field of Boardings by lat/long and a field of Alightings by lat/long. To maximize the display I symbolize the field Boardings by graduated symbols and offset the points and the Alight field is symbolized by graduated symbols and usually share the same lat/long and offset them negatively so that I get the visual of points on each side of a line or street. However when I label, the label is placed where the point actually lies, if I change the label placement I can get the labels to offset somewhat, my question is there a way to offset the points and get the label to place directly on the offsetted point. I do not want to convert to graphics.

Mapping Center Answer:

You will need to have label classes for each of your symbol classes (in the graduated symbols) because you will need a different offset distance for your labels based on the size of the graduated circle. In the Label Manager, Click on the layer name (you will see your symbol classes listed in the lower list; click the Add button to create the label classes for those symbol classes).

To label the offset points, just offset the label's text symbol (text symbol properties on the General tab you'll find the X Offset and the Y Offset--it sounds you just need X Offsets)by the amount you offset the symbols. It looks like you're doing this now. To be sure, you should also set the label placement to be on the point.

Both the standard and Maplex label engines will place the label with the offset. The standard engine had one issue, which is that it thinks the label is not offset so won't place one of the pair. If you convert the standard labels for one set of symbols to map annotation the other labels will draw.

Reply posted by George Katsambas on Feb 1 2008 7:34AM
This does not work, only some symbol classes are being labeled.
ESRI Standard Label Engine posted by Charlie Frye on Feb 1 2008 7:42AM
It sounds like you're using the Standard Label Engine--see my comment above. What you described as not working was exactly what I was refering to. The way to test this is to just turn on labeling for one class at a time. Each label class should work properly if isolated. You can convert the labels to graphics as you go to see the accumulated results.

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