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Making a color palette for a style

May 10 2010 | 3 comments
Categories: Symbology

I downloaded a text file of colors generated by this page: I wanted to take the colors and make it into a palette in a style. Can I take a txt formated like so:
cloudy blue #acc2d9
dark pastel green #56ae57
dust #b2996e
electric lime #a8ff04
And import it somehow? Or do I need to enter them one by one?

Mapping Center Answer:

It's not just a matter of easy import unfortunately. This isn't saying that you can't do it, just saying that it's a bit of tedious work for you. The colors that you are listing from the website that you provided are listed as mostly custom names (from that website survey results) and the values are strings that represent a RGB value. Both mean that you will have additional steps which will almost feel like the 'one by one' approach.

If you start with of the exisiting RGB styles in ArcGIS - like Web216 or Win256 you'll probably be further ahead. The styles contain only the color folder using the RGB color model. Work with one of the these in ArcMap and start replacing the colors and populating the style with the new names and the RGB values. This step you will have to do after you convert all the string values to the numeric form for the R,G,B fields. Save the Style.

Add to Mapping Center posted by Aileen Buckley on May 13 2010 5:54PM
Once you have created a style with these colors, we would be happy to post them on the Styles page of Mapping Center so others can also access them, if you want (
Converted posted by Chris Mathers on May 17 2010 2:37PM
I converted the #RRGGBB format to true RGB values with python so Ill just trudge through entering them. Im hoping to catch one of your segments at the UC this summer!
Hope we can share your work! posted by Aileen Buckley on May 17 2010 3:09PM
That is a lot of work so I hope we can share it with others! Thanks for your efforts!

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