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Use expression in grid labels

May 11 2010 | 3 comments
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I'd like to know how it would be possible to label our graticules using expressions instead of the default style. Our client ask us to add the suffix "m E./N." to our UTM grid labels ("330 000 m E.", "5 715 000 m N." instead of only "330 000") but we can't customize those labels except by converting them into graphics which we try to avoid to facilitate the updates when we have to pan and/or zoom within our maps. Is this possible?


Mapping Center Answer:

If you add a measured grid you can set these kinds of labels on the corner labels: Go to the measured grid's properties page and on the Labels tab set the Label Style Format to Corner Label and then click the Additional Properties button (just below the Font Size and Color controls in that dialog). In the Grid Label Properties dialog on the Principal Digits tab set the Strings (these default to m., E and N).

I want suffix for all the labels posted by srinivas rao on Nov 27 2011 1:39AM
I need to add all the labels with suffix 'm'
Instructions posted by Kenneth Field on Nov 28 2011 8:23AM
This recent Ask a Cartographer answer provides more help for this:
Additional information about measured grids posted by Aileen Buckley on Dec 1 2011 10:59AM
Here is some additional information about measured grids:

With measured grids there are three options for label style (once you hve added teh grid, right click the name of the data frame in the table of contents > Grids > Properties button > Labels tab). Click the drop down for Format. You will see three options -- each of these has additional properties which will vary depending on the label format you choose:
1. Formatted – allows you to set the numeric formatting, but does not include any strings, such as m for meters
2. Mixed Font – allows you to set labels with two different font settings, such as larger and smaller fonts as used on many national mapping agency maps
3. Corner Label – allows you to choose which corners get the full label and how those labels are formatted, with secondary fonts, principal and base digits, and editable strings for the units and easting and northing. This style does allow you to edit the units string so it could be changed from "m." to "m".

These formats were all designed to adhere to some basic mapping standards. If you need to do things that aren't covered by the existing settings there are other fixes you can use. You can convert the grid to graphics and edit as you see fit. You can use the new Grids and Graticule layers in 10.0, with a number of styles built in, and which produce all the parts of the grid as features and annotation which you can edit further if need be. Or you can use the Production Mapping extension which also has options for modifying grids.

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