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remove blur and aliasing effects when using two mapservices

May 13 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Web Maps, Publishing

I have an application containing two mapservices. When using ArcMap overlay two map service the normal effects. But in my application appear aliasing effects blur and very ugly, although I've created caches for these services. How to solve this problem. I have attached two photos and OnWebApp.png OnArcMap.png

Mapping Center Answer:

We think that the solution is to re-cache the map using PNG32 instead -- if you want to use anti-aliasing you have to use this rather than PNG8.

cases not create cache? posted by Hai Le on May 18 2010 6:39PM
In my application the data is updated continuously. So I did not create cache for mapservice, so is there a way to remove effects that?

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