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Legend Problem

January 31 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

How do I do a multiple column legend of one layer (long list) where the title and subtitle of the layer stays above the list of the items within the layer?

Mapping Center Answer:

To do this, create a new legend for just that layer. On the first panel of the insert legend wizard you can set the number of columns, then on the second panel change the title of the legend to be your layer's name. Once you have the legend inserted in your map, you need one more step to fix the configuration, and this is only available from the legend properties (as opposed to the insert legend wizard).

Double click your legend to open the Legend Properties window and on the Items tab, select your layer in the right-side list. Click the Style button. That will show the Legend Item Selector; just click Properties. In the Legend Item dialog un-check the Show Layer Name and Show Heading options. Click OK until all the dialogs are closed.

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