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Annotation symbology

May 13 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have annotation layer with various classes from road labels. The annotation layer is in the geodatabase and it was created at 1in=200ft scale, 10pt arial, etc.. Now if I want to use this annotation layer for a map at different scale; say 1in=500feet, the text symbols are too small. Is there any way to scale the symbology up or down thru reference scale? What is the most effective way to have annotation layer that would work for map that are created at different scales?

Mapping Center Answer:

Given the differences in scales this will not work.  Generally, a difference of 25% or less will work where you could change the text size and doing so would not cause problems.  Here where the difference is more than 100%, it will be bad news for the character spacing, particularly if you have any non-straight baselines for your annotation features.

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