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Clean up the hillshade.

May 14 2010 | 1 comment

I used the Local Gov't and Infrastructure template and It looks great. The problem I'm having is the hillshade shows up in between the parcels. That gap as I'm sure you know, makes up the roads. When I print it comes out grey and not very appealing. Any suggestions?

Mapping Center Answer:

One suggestion is to create a polygon that represents your roads.

To do this, take either your city polygon and/or a polygon that covers the entire extent of your mapped area and erase the parcels from it using the Erase tool (Analysis Tools > Overlay Toolset).

The Input Features for this tool will be your city boundary or a polygon that covers the entire extent of your city.  The Erase Features will be your parcels.  The Output Feature Class will be the input polygon with the parcels erased from it which can be used to symbolize your roads as they appear in the template.

To label these polygonal roads, you can use your road centerlines with no symbology applied so they do not show on the map.

This is a similar effect we used in last year's One Minute Cartographer presentation at the 2009 User Conference. To download the full set of resources for that presentation, visit the Other Resources tab on Mapping Center.


Thank you posted by Ken Galliher on May 14 2010 6:59PM
That's perfect. I will do exactly that. Thank you for your help.

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