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using representation in arcgis map services

May 18 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing

I created building drop shadow using representation and try to publish as a map service (cache map service). I like to create a base map service similar with examples in the ESRI community maps program ( Please zoom to Pasadena area to see the building drop shadow ( I created drop shadow using representation, however when I try to publish as a map service, I got an error message, saying "Layer's symbology is not supported". That layer is using representation. I saw the ESRI campus map service which has building drop shadow also. It looks like it is possible but arcgis server doesn't like representation. How can I achieve building drop shadow in map services (cache)?

Mapping Center Answer:

There are two options for creating a map service; the first using an .MXD file and the second using a .MSD file.   At version 9.3.1. Representation symbology was not supported in the .MSD file method.  So, the only way to cache the community map scenario is to use an MXD when creating the map service. 

With ArcGIS 10, this is no longer an issue because representation symbology is supported for .MSD based services, whether you cache them or serve the map dynamically.

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