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May 19 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

What is happening when you have selected feature points but everthing else draws on the map except the feature points selected?

Mapping Center Answer:

You are saying that the layer is checked on in the Table of Contents (ToC) but it does not appear on your map.

First, zoom to that layer only and see if you can now see the features. If this is the case, then you have a projection problem – that layer is not projecting correctly so that it lines up with the other layers. Perhaps the projection was not defined so it could not project on the fly or it does not know that it should line up with the other layers. To check this, right click the layer in the ToC, click Properties and click the Source tab. Scroll down to see what the projection is.

If the projection is not the problem, check that the layer you want to display does not have a scale range set on it (right click it in the Toc, click Properties, click the General tab and make sure it is set to show at all scales or at least at your current map scale. If that is not the problem, check that the symbology is not set to No Color or 0 size (on the Symbology tab, make sure that the symbols have a color or line width greater than zero). If that is not the problem, check that there is no Definition Query set to only show some of the features (on the Definition Query tab, check for an expression). If that is not the problem, check that the transparency is no 100% (on the Display tab, check the Transparency setting).

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