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Modify automatic ticks labels

May 20 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Effects


I've asked a question a week ago about how I could modify the graticule or grid labels with an expression and I have a related question.

I created a cross-section of the velocity of the current of a river and added a measured grid to label width and depth.

The problem I have is that I created it with a vertical exaggeration of 6 and then, it looks like the river is 30m deep instead of 5 meter. Could it be possible to change the "Y" labels by dividing them with my vertical exaggeration?

For now, I convert my grid into a graphic, but I'd prefer to keep it dynamic.


Mapping Center Answer:

I would just add a new field for called Y_div_6. Calculate it to be your current Y value /6. Then graph that.

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