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hydro map in jpg file into arcmap edit and reproduce from arcmap

May 21 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

dear sir

i have attached a jpg file of a hydrographic map. i want to open that jpg file in arcmap for editing work for a desired part only. and then it should be georeferenced for correct geodesy and it should be reproduced from arcmap for printing (autocad output).

i want map 82 d min to 82 d 50min max along longitude and 16 d min to 16 d 49 min along latitude-wise

zone 44, CM 81 d

help highly appreciated

Mapping Center Answer:

You will need to use the tools on the Georeferencing toolbar.  The general workflow is to zoom to an extent that roughly covers the area you described.  Then add your jpg as a raster layer to ArcMap.  With that layer as the selected layer in the georeferencing toolbar, choose Fit to Display.  At that point you'll be ready to add control points to accurately position your jpg.  There is an online help topic called Georeferencing a raster dataset that provides the details for doing this task.

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