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May 21 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Symbology

Are there symbols that I can download somewhere representing all the ball sports, such as basket, football etc? Also I would like to have symbols for athletics and track sports, physical education, ball of the hand, sportscenters and community centers. Is this possibel to get hold of somewhere?

Mapping Center Answer:

We have gotten a couple of similar questions in the past:

The answer for the first link above references the National Park System map style that we recently added to Mapping Center. Here is a blog entry about that.

In addition, we have done some work on symbolizing features such as football and baseball fields for very large scale maps (take a look at the World Topo Map at the largest scales for Pasadena -- you will see the football field where the Rose Bowl is played, as an example.)

When you read our previous answers, you will learn that we really answers don't have anything complete to symbolize these types of features. The challenge is that the symbols would look quite different for maps at different scales. In one of the previous answers, we asked for some feedback on what types of features you would like to see symbols for.

In addition, we need to know how you would anticipate these looking? Would they be point symbols for smaller scale maps or symbols of greater size for larger scale maps (in essence, taking up about the same area on the maps as the would on the earth, as the USGS has done in the past for baseball fields and such)?

With a bit more info from users like you, we could probably put together a style that would work for most of your cases. But we need to hear back from you! This is probably something that we should develop since there seems to be sufficient demand!

Symbols posted by Helene Røed on May 25 2010 3:05AM
The type of features I would like symbols for are the ones that I listed in my question. I use the symbols when registring the local environment and outdoor life in an area where we are planning a highway. This is principal planning where we do not go deep into the details but need an overview of the important elements. I like to use the symbols as they are presented in the symbol selector under recreation. I can change the color of the symbol and also the size and you can easily see what kind of activity it represent. I do not need a symbol with the accurat size for a football field but a symbol that the public will understand. Did this answer your questions? How long does it take to produce this, you think?

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