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Perpendicular Intersections

May 24 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Effects

I primarily use ArcINFO/ArcMap to pre-process data for consumption in terrain generation software for video gaming.

Most of the terrain building software out there have a hard time with visualizing road intersections.

To fix this, i edit each intersection to be perpendicular. I don't skew the data horribly, mind you. But, i will generally make the intersecting lines perpendicular to a 10-15 buffer from the center.

As you can imagine, a dense city could take a long time..

Is there a tool to automate this?


Your site is a daily stop on my internet travels.

Mapping Center Answer:

Interesting problem.  By definition it has a custom starting point for a standard solution.  The first problem is in selecting the intersecting lines.  You can do that by having your data in a geodatabase and the creating a geometric network, one byproduct of which is a point feature class of the junctions.  You could iterate on the junctions to find the intersections. That much could be modeled without scripting.

From there you'd want to find the intersections that are nearly perpendicular (with the assumption that they should be so. The idea would be to have a standard distance along each intersecting feature that you'd insert a vertex and then move it into a perpendicular relationship with the junction point.  That would require Python programming (at least from my experience). 

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