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Resizing map for viewing & editing

February 02 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Page Layout

I'm trying to view & work with several states at a time, but I can't get all of the states completely in view without either cutting off some parts of the states or the map being too small and far away. How can I resize the map?

Mapping Center Answer:

This one can be tricky. When you're working on your map layout, you have control over three major parameters: page size, map scale, and map extent. Once you have made a decision about one (e.g., page size), then you can control only one other (e.g., map extent). The third parameter will be defined by your choices for the first two. In your example, you might also try to split each state into their own data frame and have a set of smaller inset-type maps on your page that show each state in more detail. Another option you might look into is rotating the data frame to get the most out of the page orientation.

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