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June 02 2010 | 0 comments

I published a map on Miami Dade County Intranet System with ArcGIS Server manager.
The map looks nice, but there are many issues with the Out of the box tools that come with ArcGIS Server Manager.
-First Problem: the Identify button doesn't seem to work. I tried to really zoom in and place the cursor in the middle of the symbol but it shows a message: "No features found" > maybe there is a problem with my geocoded data> Any suggestions?

-Second problem: How does the Search Attribute works? Should I put the name of the layer, the keyword, the municipality, or an attribute inside a feature like "Capacity of a PV System" ?

-Third problem: When in Search Attribute, I enter "solar", it gives me 3 locations out of 12 and only from one of the layer "Solar Water Heater". Nothing about other layers like "Solar Pool Heater" or "Photovoltaic Systems". These layers are all geocoded addresses data of "green" technology installations in the county.

Find attached a snapshot of the map issues (well I tried to attach a PPT Doc or a XPS doc, but it didn't work.

Mapping Center Answer:

For these problems you should call technical support, and specifically ask for help with using your services with the Web ADF clients. 

Thank you for the feedback about the PPT/XPS formats not working.  I'll send that to our web administration team and suggest these formats be added to the list of formats we do support.

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