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Available Standardized (1:20K - 1:50k) Geodatabases/Data Models?

June 07 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Map Data

I have found several useful posters and a schema on your Web site ( but wondered if there are also mapping agency or other standardized (by scale) data models, preferably as pre-configured, downloadable geodatabases. Any ideas?

Mapping Center Answer:

Have you seen the map templates?  They actually contain an example database that has a scheme, of course.  There is a Topographic Map Template - Medium Scales that covers scaels from about 1:18,000 to about 1:144,000.  That shoudl cover the scales you are interested in.

Clarifications posted by Larry Lund on Jun 16 2010 2:11PM
Thank you for your reply, ESRI. Like the other items I mentioned that I found on your Web site, that geodatabase – and the accompanying documentation -- is useful. My need, however, is somewhat more specific than I originally communicated. Please accept my apologies for not including those specifics in my initial request.

What I am seeking is a geodatabase (or a selection of geodatabases) that also include(s) prescribed feature class display attributes common to national base map atlases in the 1:20K to 1:50K scale range. The GDB you sent me has a fair number of prescribed feature classes but they are not prescribed with display attributes common to 1:20-50K base maps. I realize display attributes are usually set interactively in Arc and stored as settings and parameters in map documents (MXDs), so perhaps what I am actually seeking is an MXD (or a selection of MXDs) that predefine(s) not only the standard feature classes but also their respective display attributes common to 20-50K maps.

For example, the predefined symbology styles for the various annotation layers in the provided GDB were cartographically useful and appropriate, but the feature class symbologies associated with those annotation layers were all parametrically undefined (i.e. they defaulted to random Arc settings). What I am attempting to locate is a GDB/MXD that already contains both typical/common feature classes and typical/common feature display parameters (i.e. symbologies) for 20-50K maps. For instance, what are the standard legend (i.e. geodatabase) layers in 15’ & 30’ USGS and Ordnance Survey quad maps and how are those feature classes displayed at those scales; e.g. what color do major mapping agencies around the world designate for urban areas -- USGS uses a shade of pink while Ordnance Survey uses a shade of tan? Are you aware of any source(s) where this type of information is available?

Thank you again for your assistance. I greatly appreciate it.

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