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June 09 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Page Layout

How do I create multiple layout views within a project?
In 3.2 you could create multiple layouts and edit them
later. In 9.3 you can only work with one layout at a time.
When I'm making several maps for a single project I have
to recreate each layout when I want to edit it later.How
do I save a layout view and open another on within the
same project?

Mapping Center Answer:

You cannot do what you're asking for. The equivalent is to make multiple MXD files.  The reason was simple, the predominant cause of corrupt .apr files was huge .aprs with 100s of views and layouts--eventually something went wrong, and unhappiness resulted.  With ArcGIS 10 we have added functionality called data driven pages which will address a good bit of what multiple layout documents enabled in ArcView 3.2 (and a lot more beyond what 3.2 offered).

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