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Callout label with logo

June 11 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology


I want to use callout labels to label points in a feature class. Each label will contain an icon representing the classification and the name of the service (from the attribute table).

There are 7 classifications in the attribute table. I have a .bmp for each of the 7.

Normally, the classification is done by assigning the .bmp as a symbol, however, the user here would prefer if the icons were part of the label.

If all this sounds confusing the attached doc. is a sample of what I want to do.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mapping Center Answer:

What you're asking for cannot easily be accomplished along the lines you've described.  It would be easier to not use labeling, and instead use a picture marker symbol that is constructed using the bitmap of your logos.  The easiest way to draw these would be as a point feature class that uses unique values symbologyIf you need to make more such maps create a style file that contains your picture markers where the marker symbol names match the values in your data, which would allow you to use the Match Symbols from Style option in the unique values symbology. 

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