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Long Block Range Segments

June 14 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Map Data


I recently posted a question titled, "Extract Block Numbers From Address Ranges," - - and received excellent advice. However, Some of my street segements contain "long block range segments." For example, I may have a single street segment address range of 100-399. When I create the blocks using the advice from the previous post it creats only one one-hundred block for this entire range. I need each block to show for this segment (100, 200, 300). Do you have any advice on how to break up this single segment into individual segments for each hundred block? I tried going through and manually breaking up my blocks but I don't know where the break would be. I have been racking my brains on this all day and can't come up with anything. Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

There is a tool in the Editor called Divide and that will break a line segment into even pieces.   I'm not sure how I would go about automating that, but the approach I would take is to make the data fit the labeling problem because the label placement engine cannot/does not invent data. 

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