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Halo feathering in ArcGIS

June 14 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

Halos are a great feature in ArcGIS. I'm wondering however how long we will have to wait until ESRI gets on board the alpha channel/feathering train? ESRI halos often come out looking blocky and bad while other cartography software (Bing, Google Maps, Autodesk Web Apps) provides smooth gradient feathered alpha halos. I believe this is a serious issue for ESRI. In fact, this is one of the central ways I can tell when I am looking at a map made with ArcMap because of the blocky lettering and halos.

How long, oh how long must we wait? Also why are pngs not allowed in attachments? You guys just really have it out for the alpha channel...

Mapping Center Answer:

It won't be too much longer--the new display engine that we use when serving or caching MSD files is capable of supporting this sort of display capability.  Such specialized rendering functionality has long been on the development team's agenda, and should now start finding its way to the top.

I would suggest posting this on the new ArcGIS 10 resource center forum for cartography.  The development team monitors that forum, so its a good place to lobby for changes like this.


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