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Symbolizing points with multiple attributes - pie chart style

June 16 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am using ArcView 9.3.1
I have a mineral occurrence point data set which has 15 main metal commodities. At the moment each point can have up to 3 metal commodities; M_type1, M_type2, M_type3
For example-
Point_ID M_Type1 M_Type2 M_Type3
M104P 013 1 1 2
M104P 014 1 2 2
M104P 013 1 2 3

Each metal commodity is coded with a value between 1 and 15.
For each point I want to show the value for M_Type1, M_Type2 and M_Type3 in a way that resembles a pie chart. Each slice/segment of the pie chart is colored by the values found in the M_Type1, M_Type2, M_Type3 columns.


Mapping Center Answer:

In the Layer Properties for the layer, on the Symbology tab, opt to show Charts > Pie.  In the Field Selection area, select your three fields (viz. M_Type1, M_Type2, M_Type3) and click the right arrow to add them to the area at the right. Choose the colors for each attribute.  Use the Properties and Size options to make other edits to the symbols. This will produce pie charts for your three attributes, each with different color.

Note -- I advise you to resist the urge to use 3D symbols -- 2D symbols will be much easier for your readers to comprehend.

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