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Clipped Data Frame produces clipped polygon labels

June 16 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling

I have a mxd that uses a polygon boundary to clip the rest of the map so that nothing else appears. (done via the data frame properties > data frame tab > Clip to Shape). The outside of my area of interest is all white. But doing this results in my polygon labels that are located near the boundary to be clipped (see attached jpg)

How do you get the labels to draw on top of the whited out area no matter what? I've tried Maplex engine, I've tried changing the label weight ranking. And I've tried the help docs suggestion of removing the layer which just removed my mask. So none worked.

Any way to do this?

Mapping Center Answer:

Here is a similar question that was asked here on our web site -- along with our answer:

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