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Symbolizing points with multiple attributes - pie chart style addendum

June 16 2010 | 2 comments
Categories: Symbology

This is a followup to my original query.

Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated. However the results are still not quite right.
I realize I may not have framed the problem correctly.
So to followup on my original question.
What I am attempting to do is to color code the individual slices of the pie chart using the numeric values found in columns M_Type1, M_Type2, M_Type3.

For example -
1 is green (zinc)
2 is red (copper)
3 is blue (lead)
15 is orange. (gold)

The end result is a 3 colored pie chart with the colors reflecting the numeric values in the 3 columns.

Point_ID M104P013 would have 3 segments - 2 of which are colored green , the 3rd one colored red
Point_ID M104P014 would have 3 segments - 1 colored green, 2 colored red
Point_ID M104P015 would have 3 segments - 1 colored green, 1 colored red, 1 colored blue.

This way when I view the symbol, I can tell that M104P013 contains zinc and copper; M104P014 contains Zinc and copper; M104P015 contains zinc, copper and lead.


Mapping Center Answer:

If I am understanding you correctly, you could either assign the same color to the pie segments when you select all 15 attributes to be shown in the pie chart, or you would have to summarize the values that you want shown in the chart in a new set of attribute fields (e.g., SumZinc, etc.)

If I am still not understanding your question, feel free to send a sketch or a bit of yru data so we can see waht you are up against.

Same issue posted by Alain Baillargeon on Jun 29 2010 11:10AM
We have the same issue.
I need to present a "2 part symbol"; and you need a 3 part symbol right?

Each symbol (or point) is like an equally divided pie chart.
Each Section(half in my case) of the Pie chart is represented by a color, wich is derived from a number.

1= orange (Increasing Trend)
2= yellow (Decreasing Trend)
3= green (No Trend)
4= grey (N/A)

I'm trying to represent water quality monitoring stations.
For each station I want to demonstrate "trends" for
A: Phosphorus
B: Nitrates

Station Phos Nitrates
#1 1 3
#2 3 2
#3 2 2
#4 2 4

#1 half orange / half green
#2 half green / half yellow
#3 half yellow / half yellow
#4 half yellow / half grey

Data? posted by Aileen Buckley on Jun 29 2010 12:40PM
If someone could share a bit of their data with us, perhaps we could try to solve this for you and then send out the solution to everyone. You can use Ask a Cartographer to submit a response and attach a zip file if you want!

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