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Moving attributes from raster data to vector data

June 21 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

I am working on creating a vegetation map for a local property owner. The feature class was created by using aerial photography and digitizing to create over 1400 polygons and classifying them by their respected vegetation types.
I want to add Aspect, Elevation, and Slope to the Feature class.

So I hope to have my final project in raster and if someone downloaded my project they would be able to click on a cell and see the type of vegetation, slope, aspect, and elevation in one place. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Mapping Center Answer:

I would generate the slope and aspect datasets from a DEM (that gets you elevation).

The use the Raster to Point tool to create a point feature for each cell in those datasets.  Those point features will care the respective slope, aspect and elevation values.

Then use the Identity tool to transfer the polygon IDs from your vegetation polygons to each of your point feature classes.

Then use the Dissolve tool such that each of your point datasets are dissolved by the VegPolyIDs (the only dissolve field).  The key to this is the statistics fields.  For each VegPolyID you will want, I am guessing, the average, min, max, and stddev for the slope, and elevation, and probably the mode for the aspect.  Those values will be added as fields to the output of the dissolve.

Last use the Join Field tool to move the fields from the dissolve output to your vegetation polys.


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