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Symbolizing points with multiple attributes - pie chart style addendum

June 25 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Here are some additional details and a jpg to show what I am trying to accomplish with the pie chart symbology.
The segments of the pie chart are coded with the values found in columns M_Type1, M_Type2, and M_Type3 for each record.

I have 3 points which represent mineral occurrences.
Each mineral occurrence can have up to 3 metals.
Column 1 M_Type1 is the primary metal present.
Column 2 M_Type2 is the secondary metal present.
Column 3 M_Type3 is the third metal present.

There will always be a metal value in column M_Type1;
Columns M_Type2 and M_Type3 may or may not have any metal values.

At point M104P013 M_Type 1 = Zinc, M_Type2= Lead. M_type3 = Copper
At point M104P014 M_Type1 = Copper, M_Type2 = Zinc, M_Type3 = Lead
At point M104P015 M_Type1 = Copper, M_Type2 = Lead, M_Type3 = Zinc

The colour of each segment of the pie chart is based on the metal found in columns M_type1, M_Type2, M_Type3 for each mineral occurrence.
Blanks in the columns indicate that no metal is present.

By looking at the color scheme for each pie chart symbol, I can tell which are the metals for M_Type1, M_type2, M_type3.


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