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Representing jumps in pipeline networks

June 29 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations, Symbology

Has anyone attempted to use cartographic representations to show "jumps" in pipeline networks? Typically, in a traditional CAD display the line that represents a pipe that runs at a different depth (may be deeper or shallower) than the line it crosses is represented using a "jump" - see attached. This causes net junctions to be created and also falsely represents the line as being longer than it really is. Could we solve this problem by using a representation to display the "jump"?

Mapping Center Answer:

If you create a representation with the shape override option, you will be able to edit the geometry to match the picture while preserving the feature's shape (no change in ShapeLength then).

You will have to use the representation editing tools to edit the shape override. Unfortunately, it is not easy to draw circular arcs with the rep tools right now.

Since the result would be a geometry stored in the shape override, the jump would also obey the scale (i.e., the jump gets smaller at smaller scales). This would not be a dynamic solution where the jumps are created at drawing time, always using the same radius for the circular jump whatever the scale.

This is the closest we can think of for this problem.

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