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South Pacific Bathymetry

June 30 2010 | 0 comments
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Any idea where I can find a raster layer file (or vector shapefile, or coverage, or whatever) displaying near-shore, high resolution ocean bathymetry for the Port Moresby, New Guinea area?

Mapping Center Answer:

I don't know of any off-hand -- you might start your search at the NOAA site:  They have loads of data for the U.S., but they might also have links to international data.

I am not sure how high a resolution you are looking for, but SRTM data is availalble on your Esri Data and Maps DVD -- it includes topographic and bathymetric data.  It is at 90m resolution.  I noted this on the offiicial JPL web site for these data (

NASA has released the SRTM data set for Australia, New Zealand, and numerous South Pacific islands. There are about 1200 data 'cells' in this release, each measuring one by one degree of latitude and longitude. They represent the final set of unedited data from the SRTM mission to be released.

As with the other SRTM data for regions outside the United States the new set is sampled at 3 arc-seconds, which is 1/1200th of a degree of latitude and longitude, or about 90 meters (295 feet). Because of persistent cloud cover many of the Pacific islands had previously been very poorly mapped, if at all.

The new data are available for download from the USGS EROS Data Center - see Public Data Distribution for details.

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