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Plot UTM points - Convert to State Plane

July 08 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have UTM points that need to be plotted onto an aerial and USGS Topo map. How do I convert the UTM points provided in an excel spreadsheet? Should I convert each point to state plane first than plot?

Mapping Center Answer:

Your data seem to be in UTM 11S zone from the sample you sent in the PDF attachment. We are not sure if you selected the wrong zone while collecting data.

Nonetheless, here is the answer: You need to separate out the x and y values from the "Position" column in your Excel spreadsheet to two separate columns -- one for the eastings and one for the northings. After that, open your ArcMap document and click File -> Add Data -> Add XY Data. In Add XY Data dialog, browse to the Excel spreadsheet containing the data and choose the X and Y fields. Choose the UTM projection system for your zone by clicking the Edit button. This will convert your data into a point data layer which you can save to a feature class or shapefile by right clicking the layer, clicking Data, and then clicking Export Data.

Now you can project your point data to State Plane projection by choosing the Project tool from ArcToolbox -- it's available under Projections and Transformations -> Feature -> Project.

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