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Symbolizing points based on the number of points at a given location

July 09 2007 | 0 comments

We have addresses in our parcel feature class an also a separate address point feature class.
I would like to display always straight addresses from the parcels where there is a one polygon to one address relationship. Where there is a many to one relationship between the address and the parcel I would like to symbolize the address point as horizontal. I'm having trouble how to display two sets of addresses clearly.

Mapping Center Answer:

You can use the Collect Events tool to add a count to your parcel polygons of the number of address points that fall within each parcel. I have some data that is exactly as you described and I did this successfully. The only issue was that the Collect Events tool didn’t retain my fields (in the parcels) so I had to use the Feature to Point tool and then Identity tool to add the count information back to my parcels. Then you’ll be able to symbolize the parcels by count in two classes: count = 1; and all others.

You will also need to create a join to get all your features (from the one to many relate) into a table that you can input to the Feature to Point tool or the Collect Events tool.

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