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3D Graphic Text option in ArcScene

February 05 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: 3D Mapping, Map Elements, Symbology

How do you put a text box into ArcScene without it being the 3D large text? That overlays on my map.

Mapping Center Answer:

1. Once you add the text to the scene using the 3D Graphics toolbar, open it's properties.

2. On the Size and Position tab, change the Z value to raise the text so it is just above the base height of where it was inserted (it won't appear sunken into the ground).

3. Change the depth to 0.1 or smaller--this will flatten it. Change the height to make it larger if you need to.

4. On the 3D Text tab, change the orientation Plane (center of panel) to XY. This will lay the text down on the ground

5. Change the angle to orient the text (if needed).

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