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How to prevent line categories sharing same end and start points overlapping

July 14 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design, Cartographic Representations

I am using shoreline data to create a shoreline habitat line along a coast. I have classified each section of coast. Each category has an overlapping start point with the end point of the previous category. However, when I use symbology to categorize the line ends overlap and mask data. How do I get the line end to be the same as the snapping feature within the same line? Or, in other words, can I make the end of each category flush with the end of the next, so when I make the line bigger it does not overlap and not look like overlapping dots as in the attached map?


Mapping Center Answer:

If your data have a standard length to their overlap, cartographic representation symbology could be used to render the lines in a way that would not fully extend to the actual ends of the lines.  However, if that is not the case you could still use cartographic representations, but you would have to manually edit the representations.  You could also explore different cartographic conventions, such as adding inward directed arrowheads at the ends of lines or offsetting certain of the lines more towards on or offshore. 

Anyway the geometric effect to use with your lines in cartographic representations is the "Cut" effect.  Experiment with this--note that you could also use a field in your data to set the distance of each feature's cuts.

Last, in looking at the enclosed map, you re potentially working at a scale that is too small to show this information anyway, so consider doing something like a series of strip maps as you really don't need to show all the in-land and off-shore areas.

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