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How do you convert LADS data from feet to meters

July 16 2010 | 2 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

Hello, I have Laser Airborne Depth Sounder data in ArcGIS ESRI grid format. the data is currently in feet units. How would I go about converting this raster data to meters? thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

The basic idea is to multiply the values for feet by 3.28083989501312.  We don't have any LADS data handy to know whether you would need to do this in software outside of ArcGIS.

question posted by Anthony Pezzotti on Jul 17 2010 9:17AM
But would I use ArcCatalog or ArcMap to make this conversion. Also to go from feet to meters shouldn't I divide the LADS (in feet) by 3.28 to get the LADS data in meters?
Conversion from feet to meters posted by Aileen Buckley on Jul 19 2010 12:10PM
To get the feet into meters, divide the original values by 3.2808. You can do this using the Spatial Analyst toolbox - Math - Divide tool. Here is the URL to the online help doc for the tool:

Alternatively, you could multiply the values by 0.3048 using the Times tool.

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