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AnnotationClassID vs SymbolID

July 19 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling


Can you please explain to me the difference between these two fields in an Annotation feature class - AnnotationClassID vs SymbolID? Also what is the relationship between the two?


Mapping Center Answer:

The AnnotationClassID is the annotation class the annotation belongs to, and the SymbolID is the symbol in the symbol table. From the online help topic "Managing annotation feature class properties",:

"The SymbolID field will normally contain a value greater than or equal to 0. This value is the number of the text symbol in the symbol collection. If the value is -1, the annotation feature is storing the display properties in the record, and it is not referencing a text symbol in the symbol collection. When the SymbolID value is -1, the Override field value will be 0, as every property is overridden."

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