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Converting floating point DEM to Integer

July 20 2010 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data

Hi all,

I am working on a feasibility study for potential inter-modal hubs. I have a DEM of my study area (floating point pixel). I cannot carry out any meaningful analysis (my aim is to identify an area within an optimal slope range, among other factors). So here is my problem: I succeed(?) in converting the DEM to integer using the raster calculator but am unable to display the result. What am I doing wrong?


Mapping Center Answer:

Did you use the Float to Raster tool to convert the floating point data to an ArcGIS GRID or did you use Raster Calculator?  If you didn't use this tool, try this instead.  This may solve your problem.

floating point raster to integer posted by clinton chiavarini on Sep 7 2010 2:40PM
Float to Raster won't work on a DEM that's already in a grid or geodatabase format. It only works on .flt files.

I'm assuming you used the INT ( < input_grid > ) command in raster calculator? That should work but I've seen issues where statistics aren't calculated as a part of the conversion process and the raster won't display properly (usually all black). Either use the Calculate Statistics tool, or right-click on the raster in ArcCatalog and select Properties...scroll down to the Statistics and build them from there.
Thanks! posted by Aileen Buckley on Sep 7 2010 3:18PM
Thanks for the clarification, Clinton! This should solve the problem!

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