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Australian Road Symbols

July 21 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling


I am wondering if there is Australian Road Shield Symbology available. I have only found US style shield symbology.


Mapping Center Answer:

Not to my knowledge.  Jim Mossman has published a number of ArcMap symbol sets, including highway shields, but these have primarily been for seelct U.S. states.  Here is a link to many of his online symbols:

And here is a link to his personal web site:

However, you might not find what you need here.  So one thing you can do is find a graphic image of the sheild and save it in either .emf or .bmp format, then use that the same way you would a highway shield.  For example, I jsut searched on the Web and foudn this:

You coudl save it in the right format and then just replace another highway sheild with this one.

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