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Custom settings for Style Manager interface

July 22 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I have some questions relating the style manager interface dialog. - Version 9.3.1 (Arc-view to Arc-Info)

1. I am editing and creating custom symbols using the style manager. The Dialog box is a fixed size, and I would like to make this larger. I understand the different views (List, Large Icons etc) available. Is this possible to change the size of the dialog box (ie the whole style manager box)?

2. In style manager (using list view mode) there is a symbol category description field. What is the maximum field limit on descriptions in this field? ie 50 characters etc..
I know this description field appears in arc-map when symbolising data via the symbol selector dialog. I am using this field to filter different symbols in a style file, and would like to know any limitations I need to be aware of when naming symbol classes.

Mapping Center Answer:

In 9.3.1 you aren't able to make the Style Manager dialog box larger.  Some good news is that in ArcGIS 10, this functionality has been added.

With regards to your second question, the field size for Category is set to 255 characters.


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