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Hanging indents

July 23 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

Is there a way to add hanging indents to text in ArcMap? I have some text that is in the layout that contains References/Bibliography, and the preference of the author is to format that portion of the text with a hanging indent if it is possible.

Mapping Center Answer:

Sorry, but there's no way to do this with ArcMap's text control.  You can fake the effect in ArcMap by using multiple text elements.  The way to do this easily is to develop your text in a word processing software package; get it formatted, spell-checked, and looking correct, including setting up your page so that it's size (dimensions) mimic the space you have in your map document.  Then you can copy and paste it into ArcMap--the way that works is that when pasting into ArcMap a .emf formated object is pasted, i.e., a picture of your text.  It takes a little practice (under 30 minutes) to find the limits and opportunities with this method, but the upside is that you get the best of both worlds:  ArcMap for map layout, and a word processor for formatting text.

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